I’m not suicidal but with how the news has been and how people have been reacting makes me want to disappear. Society at least on this side of the world has been hyper sensitive about things that are purely semantics. 

There are many more issues we should be focusing on. It’s hard to escape the noise too. If you get off social media it’ll be on TV. If you break your TV you’ll see it in the paper. If you skip out on the paper you’ll hear it at work. 

The internet is the double edged sword of society. With the fight to get information out quickly getting solid evidence is thrown out the window for speed. I’ll be logging off most social media soon because this is really bugging me. 

You can’t avoid most if the news or you’ll be left in the dark but joining in the brainless echo chamber isn’t doing much for you either. I haven’t been this sad in a while. 


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